Capital is the sun, soil, and water fueling the growth for many companies, but fundraising is hard, time consuming, distracting, and – let’s be honest – not fun. We help you raise from pre-seed up to ~$100M of debt and equity across many sectors, including software/SaaS, IoT, renewables, manufacturing, retail, and more.

The Advantary Way™

A well thought out financing strategy, clear and compelling story, pitch prep and rehearsal, and flawless execution are critical to fundraising success. The Advantary Way™ is our proven five-step process to get debt and equity transactions closed as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

Extensive Investor Network

The secret is expanding your reach to the right capital sources who can get close rapidly and efficiently. Through our combined 100 years of capital markets and transaction experience we have developed an extensive investor network  of VC, PE, FO, MFO, strategic, sovereign wealth, and angel investors. 

Investor Outreach

We supplement our investor network with a proprietary process which uses AI to source additional investors with a recent history of investing in your specific industry sector or who have expressed a particular investment affinity. Our AI system creates a 2,000 point psychographic profile of a potential investor. Then it crawls a number of databases to create a list of the most probable investors. Finally, the AI system checks their social media posts to further qualify potential investors.

Should We Consider Debt?

Advantary works with active lenders that provide debt for working capital, receivables, inventory, and more. Many companies don’t realize that institutional debt may be available and can be a great alternative to equity. It is typically non-dilutive, often insuring that it’s usually far less expensive in the long run – and often in the near-term as well. We’ll help you determine optimum financing strategy. 

Track Record

Advantary’s Partners have closed scores of debt and equity financing transactions totaling over $2B.

Let’s Talk

Let’s discuss your needs to determine if there’s a good fit between us. Contact to arrange a call with one of our Partners.

The Advantary Way™ to Raise Capital

The Advantary Way™ is our proprietary methodology for executing fundraising transactions as rapidly and efficiently as possible. Its five-steps ensure the company is prepared for the sometimes challenging process.  

The Fundraising Journey

Every company is unique, and so is their fundraising experience. Expect it to be intense hard work, with real time commitment from you and your team, and we’ll be there with you the entire way. But remember that it’s about you – your management team and track record, the market opportunity, and your go-to-market and growth strategy. That’s who the investors are betting on. 

Expect to meet 2-3x/week, with the following typical Advantary Way experience:

  • Develop Strategy
    • Goal: Develop clear corporate and fundraising strategies
    • Tasks: Review executive team, market competition, product and technology, go-to-market strategy
  • Create Materials
    • Goal: Review and revise / develop investor materials
    • Tasks: Develop detailed financial model, investor pitch deck, and 1-page tear sheet
  • Rehearse Pitch
    • Goal: CEO 100% coached and prepared to smoothly pitch your company and value propositions
    • Tasks: Coaching and rehearsal to ensure you’re prepared to pitch and answer tough questions
  • Introduce Investors
    • Goal: Introduce optimal target investors
    • Tasks: Identify, screen, evaluate and introduce optimal target investors
  • Due Diligence & Close
    • Goal: Receive offer(s), secure funding
    • Tasks: Create a comprehensive virtual data room, guide the company through the typically intense due diligence process, and then through negotiating and closing the investment


How much of my time will it take and which company resources are required?

Fundraising is typically intense. CEOs should expect to dedicate 40-80% or more of their time on the Preparation Phase.  There will typically be a short lull in Step 4 as we identify and introduce investors, with demands on your time increasing substantially as investors dig in and perform their due diligence. Other key team members may heavily involved in the Preparation Phase and due diligence, especially the COO, CFO, and CRO.

How long will it take?  

This is highly dependent on the company and many other factors, including its industry sector, track record, fundraising strategy and target investors, current preparedness, equity vs. debt. We generally advise our clients that an equity fundraise can take 3-6 months or more, though occasionally deals can get done sooner, particularly debt transactions.

Is success guaranteed?

Unfortunately, no. Raising capital, particularly equity capital, is one of the hardest sales any CEO ever makes. It’s the sale of an idea, a hope of future returns with substantial risk. You’re competing against the investor’s other opportunities, including safer public securities. They key is finding the right investor whose interests, investment thesis, available capital, and timing coincide with yours.  Our job is to help you find those investors so you can efficiently sell and close.

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