Many companies now have a unique opportunity to acquire. Others must be acquired to survive and preserve stakeholder value. Either way, those who act now will seize the day.

• Pre-Transaction Preparation  • Pitch Prep and Coaching 

• Strategic Review   • Identification of Counterparties

• Asset and IP Inventory   • M&A Process Management

• Document Preparation   • Negotiation and Closing

We’re experienced entrepreneurs who’ve done a lot of M&A, 
not ibankers who don’t understand your business value

1. M&A experience

We’ve done dozens of deals on both the buyside and sellside, not only as CEOs/entrepreneurs in our own companies, but also in public companies and as ibankers. We know what works.

2. Your business goals and priorities 

We work with you to rapidly understand your objectives and priorities while bringing our operational and M&A experience to guide you as appropriate.

3. Prepare 

Our business and operational experience across multiple sectors will help you prepare for an optimal transaction with the best targets and the greatest ROI.

4. Execute efficiently

Advantary will lead you through an efficient M&A process leveraging  our extensive industry contacts globally. Our goal is successful a transaction with minimum disruption.

How it works

Advantary will meet with you to help us learn more about each other and assess whether we are a good match with you in terms of rapport, domain expertise, and industry reach. Then we engage with you for a minimum of 3 months with a retainer that is creditable against a cash success fee due upon closing of the transaction. We work with your current legal, banking, ibanking, financial, and investor partners or can recommend many top-tier partners from our extensive network.

 Contact us at to discuss how your company can put our experience to work.