It’s a great time for buyside M&A. Many companies and assets are available on terms that are hard to pass up.  Yet up to 4 out of 5 M&As fail.  As a savvy buyer, you know you have toget this right.

Research has shown that acknowledgment of the difficulties and  engagement of expertise in key areas are crucial to defying the long odds and ensuring positive M&A outcomes including:

• Increased sales   • Increased innovation

• Higher customer satisfaction   • Better retention

Advantary helps your acquisition succeed

1. Align objectives and priorities

Integration requires rapid decision making and concurrence on common goals to succeed. We facilitate a shared view of organizational goals and the strategic path to achieving your objectives.

2. Solidify cultural fit

Cultural fit is a common reason mergers fail. We actively address opportunities to re-establish the culture and ensure engagement across your new organization.

3. Ensure strong communications

The quality and frequency of communications is a key differentiator to maintaining focus and enhancing productivity. Communication during the integration period sets a tone for achieving synergies.

4. Incorporate joint processes and systems

As organizations come together, operations will inevitably differ. With objectives and priorities established, we help you practically implement and scale your joint capabilities.

Protect your investment

According to KPMG, 83% of mergers and acquisitions fail. McKinsey estimates 70% fail. A.T. Kearney concluded that total returns on M&A were negative. These are clear danger signals. You need to invest beyond the transaction to ensure you don’t squander your capital and opportunity.  This requires thoughtful action in a confined timeframe. Missteps and delays in integration will only increase the change of a failed acquisition…and put your company at risk.

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