Advantary has relationships with many active lenders to provide up to $50M or more of capital.  Our capital solutions include:

• Senior Loans   • Construction Loans

• Receivables Financing   • VAR Finance 

• Inventory Financing    • Contract Monetization

• Bridge Financing   • Equipment Leases & Loans

We often succeed in situations where other options don’t work.

Simple Process

1. Review

Our Advisors review, free of charge and with no obligation, your business plan and conduct preliminary due diligence. There is no charge for this engagement.

2. Prepare

If we conclude that further work is required before you are ready to access our Network, we provide preparation services on a fee consulting basis.  Once completed, you are approved to start meeting funding sources.

3. Connect

Based on the type of capital you need,we contact the right funding sources in our network of capital sources.

4. Close

If desired, our team will guide you as you negotiate and close the transaction.  The work can be performed on an hourly, monthly, or project basis.

Simple Risk-Free Terms

We use a risk-free model that makes it easy and affordable to participate. Typically, we charge our Client the lesser of 3% of Capital raised over 3 years, or $100,000, and our fee is payable once the Client is profitable or upon a funding event. If neither profitability nor a funding event occurs during the 3-year Term, the fee is waived.

Contact us at to discuss how your company can put our experience to work.