3-Minute Case Study: Toustone — Capital and International Growth

Toustone, an Australian business intelligence (BI) company, approached us earlier this year to help them enter the US market. We like the BI space and were impressed with Toustone. Why? Toustone has proven technology, market, customers, and excellent recurring revenue from 900+ users and growing. In addition, they have a strategic partnership with Yellowfin, a[…]

Patent Portfolio Strategy: Inventions that Count

The United States Patent and Trademark Office was established in order to protect inventors and give them the freedom to operate without concerns or push by larger corporations. “The strength and vitality of the U.S. economy depends directly on effective mechanisms that protect new ideas and investments in innovation and creativity.” — USPTO Most patents[…]

Open Source Newspaper and Newsletter

As a serial software entrepreneur, I’ve developed a fascination with—and a reliance upon—the open source software industry. For years, I relied on RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, and a variety of other sources to help me stay abreast of the latest industry news (and gossip!). Over time, as open source gain greater and greater traction, I found myself spending[…]

What can we learn about creativity from pipe cleaners?

In my innovation workshops, we believe in learning from playing with ordinary objects. I’ve written recently about improving creativity using LEGO pieces. But pipe cleaners can also be very useful for exploring creativity. What’s special about pipe cleaners? They are simply thin wires coated with some fuzzy plastic material. What can they do, besides clean[…]

Abandon Objectives and Get the Job Done

Introduction Does it ever make sense to abandon objectives in order to achieve those objectives? Perhaps counterintuitively, the answer is sometimes “yes!” It was early morning when I got a weekly blog from my business coach. As I was reading the first few lines, I could clearly hear my mind was whispering “no” somewhere in[…]

Bitcoin Mining is Getting Out of Control

Bitcoin mining has become a power play. Literally. The power now needed to mine a single coin could run the average household for 10 days. Huge bitcoin mining operations are springing up all over the world, located close to power sources for their huge needs. We are actually using valuable physical resources to mine for[…]