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  • Situation: L’Oreal is a leading cosmetic company operating under a portfolio of brands including L’Oreal Paris and Garnier or Maybelline. The company aspires to deliver flawless customer experience and company spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on traditional and digital marketing campaigns to strengthen its brand image.
  • Complication: Increased expectations by consumers linked to emergence of digital technologies and easy access to information through smartphones created a need for breakthrough innovation.
  • Challenge Statement: How might we deliver a differentiated user experience using digital technologies and measure its impact?
  • Solution: Engage with the consumer looking at printed advertising by offering a compelling digital experience relying on a contextual mobile application to drive traffic to either ecommerce sites or retail stores.
  • Approach: Worked closely with the head of the Digital Transformation Office at the corporate level. Assembled a team of experienced marketing managers representing different brands. Ran a series of ideation and prioritization workshops under the Design Thinking umbrella over a 3 month period. Identified and force ranked dozens of creative use cases based on desirability, feasibility and viability. Launched incubation projects that led to multiple market pilot projects across the L’Oreal ecosystem.
  • Results: For the first time, L’Oreal was able to offer an integrated experience that begins with printed advertising, extending into the digital world with a high degree of personalization, and concluding with transactions. This not only generated new sales, but also generated invaluable data on value of printed advertising.
  • Breakthrough Insight: In-context engagement with the brand through mobile interactions combined with instant gratification drove adoption and usage of the new offering.

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