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  • Situation: The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) is the Public Transit Agency for the city of Montreal. It serves an average of 1.2 million passengers every day and has an annual ridership of 413 million trips through its network of bus routes and subway lines.
  • Complication: STM business goal was to increase passenger volume by 40% by 2020.
  • Challenge Statement: How might we transform user experience to attract new customers?
  • Solution: Engage with riders through a personalized mobile interaction to deliver real-time transit information, optimum routes & fares, and contextual offers related to shopping & entertainment.
  • Approach: Assembled a cross-functional team of experienced managers for a Design Thinking process. Ran a 2-day ideation and prioritization workshop. Identified and force ranked over a dozen creative use cases based on desirability, feasibility and viability. Launched multi-month incubation project that led to the release of STM Merci, an award-winning service, only 6 months after project kick-off.
  • Results: 24% of users of the new mobile application increased their usage of public transit within just 4 months after the launch of the new service. Viral adoption of new service that translated into not only increase in ridership by existing customers, but also increased engagement with new riders and creation of new revenue streams for STM above and beyond riding fees.
  • Breakthrough Insight: Primary interest of riders was real-time connection to their environment with a focus on entertainment and shopping, and not optimized commute or fare savings.

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