Toustone, an Australian business intelligence (BI) company, approached us earlier this year to help them enter the US market. We like the BI space and were impressed with Toustone.

Yellowfin Cloud powered by ToustoneWhy? Toustone has proven technology, market, customers, and excellent recurring revenue from 900+ users and growing. In addition, they have a strategic partnership with Yellowfin, a global leader in BI, whose cloud solution is based on their technology. They’ve mitigated many key startup risks.

Now it’s time to land and expand in the US. But how best to do that in a way that doesn’t require them to relocate to a foreign market with different laws and regulations, and no investor or commercial contacts?

Enter Advantary and our world-class US-based team and track record, with 60 startups, $500M raised, and over $10B aggregate equity value generated.

We’re now working with Toustone as their interim US management team. Think C-Suite as a Service. In our roles as part of the operating team, Advantary is:

  • defining their fundraising strategy
  • working with them to identify and meet investors
  • defining their go-to-market strategy
  • bringing our extensive network of commercial and service provider contacts
  • supplementing their technology and product management expertise
  • providing operations

And they have fractional access to all Advantary’s partners, with deep experience across the corporate functional spectrum: operations, marketing, sales, business development, technologists, product management, patent strategy, finance, and more.

In other words, Advantary provides more than just consulting services – we’re the ideal operating partner for non-US companies looking to enter the US market. We can reduce execution, financing, and investor risk.

Now that is a win-win for our clients and their investors.

Toustone Profile

Toustone provides affordable business intelligence (BI) solutions for SMEs. Our solutions are ready out-of-the-box with little or no need for configuration or professional services, with zero-touch installation, and fast and accurate metrics reporting.

The SME market is huge an underpenetrated. There are 27.9M SMEs in the US, with an additional 30M+ SMEs in Europe, UK, Canada, AUS. The US market leads in BI implementation. According to Dresdner Research, the global BI software market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of around 7.1% from 2017 through 2021.

Toustone BI Examples

Toustone BI Examples — Click for Larger Image



Stephen Kuhn

Experienced tech and finance executive, serial entrepreneur, board member, and investor. Operations, finance, business development. UC Berkeley.


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