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Strategic CFO Advisory

Advantary’s Strategic CFO Advisory practice brings deep expertise to assess the financial health of your business and design a roadmap to lead you to a healthier and more successful financial path.

It’s a competitive world out there…and your business needs every advantage.

At every stage of development, Advantary helps you navigate the complexities of growing your business – raising capital, investing in the development of innovative products/services, sustaining competitive advantage in the marketplace, and optimizing for scale – achieving the goal of superior valuation. Our CFOs are extraordinary and deeply experienced finance leaders who partner with you to build lasting business value. We leverage 6 core strategies to deliver value across the organization:

  1. Financial Health Assessment.  Answering the question “how financially healthy is my business today?” is the first step to a superior valuation. What is the gap between current performance and optimal performance, and what is the best cost/benefit path to achieve the best outcome?

  2. Corporate Solutions. Advantary provides comprehensive accounting and strategic financial services. From operational design and process efficiencies, through intelligent reporting and comprehensive compliance, we ensure that your accounting becomes the foundation that supports agile and effective financial decision making.

  3. Business Intelligence. is a tool for turning data into insights. From big data to artificial intelligence, business intelligence is the key enabler of superior performance, competitiveness, growth, and profitability.

  4. Investment-Ready Plans, Models, and Forecasts. No investor will engage your business without knowing how it is performing today, and what its potential is for the future. The right future model illustrates the potential value of your business in a language all Investors understand - the language of money.

  5. Transaction Services. Whether you are anticipating a future transaction, are in the midst of a transaction, or are dealing with post-transaction integration, Advantary can help you institute a roadmap to simplify the experience and deliver better valuations with as little pain as possible.

  6. Entrepreneurial Success. Our team of extraordinary operating partners and advisors have deep operating, execution, turnaround, and investment experience.  At Advantary, you will find a set of partners who have walked many miles in shoes very similar to yours. We are invested in your success and proactively share our hard-won expertise with you. Our Advisory Services leverage this rich heritage to support today’s innovation and entrepreneurship.


From early-stage startups developing a business model to later-stage companies looking to diversify and scale, Advantary provides customized solutions and thought leadership for each stage of the business cycle. Let us help you turn your business into the engine of innovation and growth that creates value today, and in the future.

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