Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Chris Williams has over 35 years experience founding, managing, and selling technology companies. He has deep experience bringing new technology to profitability in a variety of markets by using his strategic vision and research abilities to uncover and develop opportunities that drive growth.

Chris is presently the part-time/advising Chief Technology Officer at Airex Inc, a fintech startup delivering a marketplace for financial information. Recently, he was CTO and a member of the board of directors at Kit Digital, a publicly-traded digital media software vendor, where he was responsible for, among other things, the company’s global intellectual property strategy and for M&A technical diligence. He co-founded Free Flow Power, a renewable energy company developing hydroelectric devices and projects where he served as CTO. He has also co-founded several Internet startups, including Waypoint Software, Nexaweb Technologies, and Valent Software, where he was the CTO and, post-acquisition, Chief Architect at Lycos.

Chris graduated from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with an emphasis on signal processing.

He is married and has four adult children. Some of the things Chris enjoys include sailing, kayaking, ceramic sculpture, photography, and mushroom hunting.