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Customer Connection

Every successful, growing company steps back at some point to see that good work and a good product or service has earned them a solid customer base.

Do Your Customers Love You Enough?

Further growth becomes easier when the organization develops a “farming” perspective to make the most of existing relationships in addition to the “hunting” approach that drove growth in the first place. This pivot takes skill and intention.

Build the right plan to make your organization a customer connection powerhouse:

  • Drive more growth at lower cost by selling more to those who already know you, and keep them coming back

  • Use referrals and reference selling to get into more new deals and reduce new customer acquisition costs

  • Make better decisions with input from those who know you best and feel invested in your success

  • Reduce costly churn, increase customer lifetime value


Create customer love

Customer love has five keys. Each one has as many expressions as your organization has customers and imagination.

  1. Understand and architect customer journeys

  2. Create successful customers

  3. Talk to customers skillfully

  4. Build listening opportunities

  5. Build a customer-listening culture


Customers who love your brand, your products, and your people buy more, more often, and stay with you longer. Loyal customers are 80% more likely to choose your brand again and twice as likely to recommend you to others. Loyal customers provide referrals, references, and recommendations. They tell you how to get better, sometimes when you ask and sometimes without having to ask.


Studies in the financial services industry show that just a 5% rise in customer retention boosts profits over 25%. SaaS companies who intentionally help customers onboard increase their user population faster, implement more of their solution, and get higher satisfaction ratings.

Grow profits, grow share

Advantary’s Customer Connection team leads your journey to greater customer love and rewards. Focusing on the five keys, we build communications, customer programs, and culture to transform your organization, your customer relationships, and your results.

Assessment services capture your current state. Internal and external interviews, reviews of your customer programs and results, and benchmarking against innovative leaders inside and outside your industry show you where you are today and help you to set your future vision. Together we chart the path to get there and set milestones along the way.


With our map in hand, we—

  1. Facilitate corporate, departmental, and geographical strategic sessions and tactical planning exercises

  2. Motivate your teams with the vision of where you are going, how you win when your customers love you, and how everyone plays a role in getting there

  3. Train your teams with workshops and coaching—from using language that’s audience-focused and benefit-led to developing and living a customer-first mindset

  4. Consult to envision and operationalize programs that bring you and your customers closer, from loyalty programs to referral requests, from organizing advisory groups to streamlining and improving customer journeys


Get started now

Our Customer Connection team drives the outcomes every business wants:

  • loyal customers who advocate for you and bring others to your business

  • more sales with less work, from existing customers and high-value referrals

  • higher profitability, customer lifetime value, and customer satisfaction scores

  • alignment and integration of all customer touch-points, especially sales, marketing, and support

  • better results by including customer input on strategic and operational decisions

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