Accelerating Revenue Growth in 2023: Three Vital Roles that CEOs Must Play


As CEOs and their teams plan to achieve profitability and high growth in 2023, it has become evident that the adverse characteristics of the playing field – B2B market complexity, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and board demands – will remain for a while. Therefore, playbooks must be revised and updated to navigate the current

challenges and increase the odds of success.

In this workshop, we will discuss a proven three-part framework that enables CEOs to chart the course to higher levels of financial success and remarkable revenue growth without increasing sales headcount.


• Discover why CEOs must contribute to high-dollar negotiation efforts in the current B2B landscape.

• See how other CEOs, with or without sales background, propel their deal teams to close big deals year over year.

• See the systematic approach leveraged by the best organizations to build a winning sales process and a winning sales team.

• Share deal negotiation questions, tips, suggestions, and tricks with others in a positive, inclusive, and 100% confidential environment.

• Have impactful conversations about building and leading a high-performing sales organization with others who understand your unique situation.

Statistics / Data Points

• In a recent survey by Gartner, only 6% of CSOs say they are extremely confident about their team's ability to meet or exceed revenue goals.

• The complexity of B2B decision-making has increased as an average B2B deal involves 10+ decision makers across many functions.

• High turnover on both sides threatens client relationships: 1 out of 5 decision makers and 1 out of 4 sales execs turn over every year.

• Despite this, 65% of customer relationships rely on only one contact, and only 9% of sales rep's relationships are matrixed.

• Matrix sales relationships are a must and need to be driven from the top. The right CEO and leadership engagement level can drive over 10% profit growth.

Win-Rate Statistics:

• The average win rate is 47%,

• The premium players ( the top 7%) have a 73% win rate.

• The top 20% have a win rate of 62%, while the rest(80%) have win-rate of only 40%


Ganesh Tayi