Board Styles: How Differences Make for High-Performing Boards


Research across boards in 38 countries confirms two factors consistently correlate with high-performing board: 1) individual directors’ diversity of problem-solving orientations which increases the quality of debate, ideation and decisions, and 2) the quality of the group dynamics.

Understanding individual styles and the composition of them for a board is key to understanding how to create high-performing boards and outcomes.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the influence of five personality dimensions of governance style

  • What types are on your board:

  • Change driver?

  • Unifier?

  • Challenger?

  • Adviser/Expert?

  • Statesman?

  • Identify what are “Shadow” styles?

  • Learn how to distinguish yourself based on your style

  • Identify how to leverage these styles for board culture, composition and committee service and recruiting to enrich the board composition

  • Learn suggestions for board best practices to increase performance and long-term contributions


Donna Hamlin