Digital Disruption: Rethinking Strategy in a Digital First World


We’ve entered a period of massive disruptive innovation. Digital advances centered around at least four simultaneously emerging technologies will change the way the world works and deliver outsized growth to companies that adapt. These technologies include:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Blockchain

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Internet of Things

Digital Disruption: Rethinking Strategy in a Digital First World (Sep 28, 2022) is an online event for CxOs and Investors hoping to leverage this incredibly rare window of opportunity to successfully challenge established incumbent businesses. Topics include:

  1. The 8 historic patterns of disruption used to identify which industries and applications are most likely to be shocked.

  2. How to design an easy-to-communicate “improvisational” strategy

  3. Correctly prioritizing work and identifying a small number of highly-focused / high-impact investments.

  4. Best practices for building a fast moving and resilient “disruption” team capable of consistently out-delivering traditional organizational structures.

  5. The value of focussing on risk management before project management.

Be the Disruptor, not the Disrupted

Advantary’s Digital Disruption team is helping companies reshape their industry with “digital-first” strategies, building world-class differentiating capabilities, and grow resilient disruption teams required to execute at speed. We’ve helped companies in streaming media, telcos, call centers, pharmaceuticals, SaaS and more…create massive leverage from digital technologies.