Optimizing Seed Stage Fundraising – Tips and Tricks for Success


Today’s average Series A is over $15M and requires $5M of annual recurring revenue to get the attention of VCs. Funding sources for startups rarely reach that level of investment - high net worth individuals, angel groups, family offices, and micro-VCs. These groups and individuals have the capital, but fundraising with them requires efficiency. For every $100k raised, you need to contact 100 investors. A $2M round requires 2000 investors on average.

We’ve developed an AI-based methodology to target, contact, and introduce investors to our clients that will well exceed the industry averages for successful campaigns.

Join us to learn how to identify and get in front of the ideal investors for you.

Workshop Leader and Subject Matter Expert

Angel Orrantia

Partner, Advantary

Angel Orrantia leverages his diverse educational background and decades of industry experience as an electrical engineer, executive, and corporate attorney to provide corporate strategy insights relevant to early and mid-stage companies. Some insights will include fundraising, M&A and IPO prep, and fractional general counsel, all of which can determine a company´s success, especially in today´s recession landscape.


Angel Orrantia