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Intellectual Property

Advantary helps companies identify their competitive edge and develop strategic IP portfolios that protect it

Intellectual Property Practice Overview

Advantary serves as trusted advisors to companies, helping them identify their tech strategy and how to use IP to expand their business opportunities.

Services Offered
IP Portfolio Development

Advantary offers services ranging from technical specification development to IP filing. Our comprehensive services include the following:

  • Technical specifications and claims development

  • Provisional/Nonprovisional drafting

  • Prior art search and analysis

  • IP filing and docket management

Competitive Edge Assessment

A cost-effective precursor to full IP development, which includes several sessions with your team reviewing your business, technology, and use cases and identifying key elements that must be protected. After clarifying your competitive edge, we'll give you a full report that includes conclusions, recommendations, a patentability analysis, and proposed next steps for developing IP.

IP Escrow

An innovative program for investors to keep ownership of the company's IP until a successful exit or valuation round is completed.

Fractional CTO/Advisory

Advisory acts as the right hand to your CTO, working with your engineering team to identify your tech strategy, R&D planning, and implementation. We specifically focus on how your technology competes in the market and help you develop innovative solutions to strengthen your business.

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