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It’s a new year and time for some new things. We’re excited about a number of new things at Advantary this year, and one of them is kicking off this new Advantary Blog — Business Insights for Growing Companies!

As the blog name implies, our prime editorial focus is to offer business insights, but the name also contains an intentional double meaning. Before reading on, can you spot it?

At Advantary, we focus on growing companies — in both senses of the phrase, “growing companies.” In the first sense, “growing” is an adjective. We work with — and are writing this blog for — companies that are growing or that want to be growing. In the second sense, “growing” is a verb. We work, side-by-side with founders, CEOs, and business executives to grow their companies.

Advantary Blog Topics

As just mentioned, this blog is about business insights for growing companies. But that’s a very broad domain, so we’ll be organizing posts into categories, making it possible to more easily focus on topics of specific interest to you. While the list of categories may expand over time, we’re starting with the following:

  • Case Study — Interesting company, product, or project case studies
  • Fun — Life is too short to not have fun along the way. From time to time, we may post something just for the fun!
  • General — This is our catch-all bucket for posts that seem to otherwise defy categorization.
  • Insight — Informative, helpful, and often actionable insights, recommendations, best practices, and “how-to” articles
  • News — Industry or Advantary company news (other than our regular newsletters)
  • Newsletter — Advantary’s periodic online/email newsletter
  • Opinion — Opinion pieces

The Authors

This is a multi-author blog. You’ll be reading posts written by the Advantary partners and consultants, and from time-to-time, our affiliates and guest contributors. (Please let us know if you’d like to be a guest contributor.)

Follow Us

You can always check in on the latest posting by visiting this website. But there are lots of ways to follow us online so you get notified of new posts when, how, and where works best for you:

  • Follow us on Twitter — We’ll tweet about new posts on our Twitter timeline @advantary.
  • Follow us on Facebook — We’ll share new posts to our Facebook page:
  • Subscribe via RSS — Use your favorite browser or newsreader to subscribe to our RSS feed.
  • Comment on any post — When you comment on a post, you can elect to receive email notification when others comment on that post so you can stay on top of the conversation.

Engage with Us

We’ll be allowing–and encouraging–comments on every post in the Advantary Blog (although we’ll ask you to prove you’re human to discourage the spambots.) And, we’ll be reading every comment and responding whenever appropriate.

Please feel free to comment on any post or use our Contact Us for if you prefer a private communication method.

Let’s have a great year!

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F. Andy Seidl

Serial entrepreneur, software innovator, and technology business advisor. Founded and sold multiple successful software companies and created dozens of commercial applications, tools, and services for a wide range of markets, many of which garnered awards and accolades from industry analysts, reviewers, and press.


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