Benjamin Gross



  • Portfolio management/construction
  • Performance attribution/analysis
  • RIA/wealth management/technology
  • User-centric product development
  • Data analysis & algorithm development
  • Software engineering

Benjamin Gross builds systematic trading and performance analysis tools for institutions and technology companies and has focused his career on the intersection of quantitative analysis, wealth management, data visualization, and Financial Technology (“FinTech”). His most recent accomplishment was the development of portfolio construction, simulation, and reporting capabilities for Telikos Investment Management. Prior to that, Benjamin was Head of Quantitative Research & Product Development at Liquid Digital Holdings, LP, a statistical arbitrage blockchain hedge fund that traded over $35M per month in dollar volume in crypto-currency statistical arbitrage strategies. For Liquid Digital Holdings, LP Benjamin built out capabilities around data transformation, trade signal generation, execution performance, portfolio backtest, and attribution that powered the company’s live trading strategies.

He was the co-founder & CEO of Visualize Wealth, a mobile-oriented investment performance and benchmarking–reporting platform that provided unbiased oversight and machine-learning benchmark construction to investors & RIAs. He serves as a technology and product consultant for Financial Institutions and Private Wealth Firms and also sits on the Advisory Board for several FinTech startups.

Benjamin has presented at Wealth Technology (“Wealth Tech”) industry conferences such as Schwab Impact, Institutional Investor, and the American Banker’s Association and is a guest lecturer at the New York University Stern School of Business.


Data Ops, Engineering Management, Finance, Information Architecture, Product Design, Product Management, Sales, and Technology


New York City


CPO: Chief Product Officer, Product Manager, and VP Engineering


Blockchain, Consulting, Fintech, Real Estate, Software, and Wealth Management


Communicator, Entrepreneur, Experimenter, and Speaker