F. Andy Seidl


Serial Software Entrepreneur

  • Tech Strategist/Evangelist
  • CEO/CIO/CTO/VP Engineering
  • Board/Advisory Member
  • Chief Information Architect
  • Chief Software Architect
  • Digital Product Designer
  • Tech Due Diligence Analyst
  • Tech License Negotiator

F. Andy Seidl is a serial entrepreneur, software innovator, and technology business advisor with over thirty years of experience.

Most recently, Andy is a founding partner at Advantary LLC, a full-service management accelerator that provides interim CxO services to early/mid-stage companies. He also teaches a course on Digital Product Design at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, Center for Entrepreneurship.

Andy founded two software development tool companies, SCE, Inc. (software version control) and Genitor Corp. (C/C++ CASE/re-engineering), each of which was later acquired by public companies. He also founded and funded MyST Technology Partners, Inc., which for 10+ years, provided advertorial marketing blogsites to more than 500 SMB customers. MyST also provided RSS infrastructure services to Fortune 500 companies such as Intel and Verisign.

He has created dozens of commercial software applications, tools, and services for a wide range of markets. Many garnered awards and accolades from industry analysts, reviewers, and press. His software runs in corporate data centers, software development organizations, scientific organizations, embedded systems, application servers, device firmware, home automation controllers, and personal PCs.

Andy has served as president, VP of engineering, chief architect of emerging technologies, chief information architect, technology evangelist, chairman, board member, technical advisor, venture capital fundraiser, product manager, product architect, and software engineer. He has extensive experience as a contract negotiator (software licensing, OEM licensing, company/technology acquisitions, etc.) and as a technical due diligence analyst in connection with M&A and fundraising activities.

He holds a B.S.E in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan where he also did graduate studies in compiler construction, AI, robotics, and real-time systems. He completed a condensed MBA course for executives from Pepperdine University.

Andy is passionate about building software to last, playing guitar, mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, running, and critical thinking. He is Dad to a son and twin daughters with his incredibly accomplished best friend, business partner, and wife of 37 years.


Application Integration, Contract Negotiation, Dev Ops, Due Diligence, Engineering Management, Information Architecture, Licensing, Mobile App, Product Design, Product Management, Security, SEO, Software, Software Architecture, Software Design, Technology, and Web Design


Ann Arbor


CEO: Chief Executive Officer, CIO: Chief Information Officer, CTO: Chief Technology Officer, Information Architect, President, Product Manager, Software Architect, and VP Engineering


Augmented Reality, Consulting, Cybersecurity, Information Security, Information Technology, SaaS, Security, and Software


Communicator, Design Thinker, Entrepreneur, Experimenter, Innovator, Mentor, Risk Taker, Skeptic, Speaker, and Writer