Jasmin Sethi

Jasmin Sethi


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Jasmin Sethi is a lawyer-economist, entrepreneur, and thought leader with over a decade of experience in the financial industry. Jasmin provides innovative expertise on financial regulation and business strategy from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective to established companies and start-ups. 

Jasmin joined Advantary LLC as a Partner in 2021. In addition, she is currently CEO of Sethi Clarity Advisers (SCA), which she founded in 2018. SCA provides regulatory expertise on financial regulation and business strategy from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective to established companies and start-ups. Jasmin’s areas of expertise include financial regulation, sustainability, and portfolio analysis. 

SCA partners include Morningstar, where Jasmin serves as the Associate Director of Policy Research; SkinX, where Jasmin serves as Chief Investment Officer; and Investore, where Jasmin has served as the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer.

For Morningstar, Jasmin provides thought leadership and helps develop busines solutions. For SkinX, she advises on the development of investment algorithms and strategic data analysis. For Investore, she led compliance process and strategy for an emerging FinTech robo-investment advisor. 

Previously, Jasmin served as the CEO, Founder, and board member of BuildUp Capital, an SEC-registered investment adviser that facilitated retirement savings for the self-employed. Jasmin has also served as the Vice President of Legal & Compliance at BlackRock. There, she worked with senior management to develop effective regulatory strategies in the U.S. and globally to advance BlackRock’s key advocacy priorities. As Special Counsel in the Division of Trading and Markets at the SEC, Jasmin has also drafted complex regulations, participated in a cross-agency working group on systemic risk, and reviewed new product listings.

Jasmin is a frequent speaker and commentator on issues pertaining to how the asset management industry and financial regulation impacts investors. She has authored numerous research papers, blog posts, op-eds, and comment letters to the SEC on the asset management industry and current and proposed SEC regulations. She also writes about the effects of financial policy on retail investors as a Forbes contributor.

Jasmin received her JD, PhD in economics, and undergraduate degrees from Harvard University. As a Fulbright Scholar in 2001, she also earned an MSc in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science.



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