Todd Basche


Product Guru

  • Next-Gen Product Ideation and Roadmapping
  • VP Hardware (Consumer/Enterprise)
  • VP Software (Consumer/Enterprise)
  • VP Product Management
  • Consumer Electronics and CPG
  • Best of breed customer experience (VOC)
  • Transforming HW revenue to ARR

Todd Basche has a unique background, having developed and managed award-winning products in both Hardware and Software domains.

He has a proven track record defining & designing breakthrough devices blending innovative HW capabilities with intuitive SW interfaces. He is an expert in the art of developing transformational products that delight the user and create recurring revenue streams for the company.

He was hired into Apple to work directly with Steve Jobs on figuring out what was next for Apple. He went on to be VP of Applications responsible for creating the iLife suite and managing iTunes,iPhoto, Imovie, Idvd, and DVD studio pro. He was responsible for both SW development and Product management.

Todd was VP and GM at Remedy/BMC, where he led the SW and product management teams that defined and developed ARS Enterprise Software.

This software is in use by millions of users in the Fortune 1000.

At Dell, he was responsible for the Android/Chrome product lines and managed both the HW and the SW product management and all Android SW engineering.

On the hardware side, Todd ran all the SPARC Station HW development, including ASICS, PCB’s and mechanical teams for SUN Microsystems.

He was co-founder and  VP Engineering at Visioneer, a consumer electronics company that created the award-winning PaperPort HW and SW.  He went on to take the company public.

Most recently, Todd was EVP of Product(CPO) at Axon, where he headed up all the product strategy, product management, and HW development. He led the transformation from a HW revenue-focused company to one with a robust recurring software revenue stream. (SaaS, Mobile apps and HW products) He developed new SaaS Enterprise SW with AI analytics that turned data into insights.

Todd co-founded a CPG company that created the award-winning WordLock product that was in over 40K doors of distribution and was the #1 selling product in its category at Target.

Todd, as a serial entrepreneur, has been founder, co-founder, and early team member at six startups. He has been an intrepreneur at large enterprises such as Apple, Dell, SUN, and Axon. He has lead global teams of over 250 people.

He is the named inventor on 33 patents.

Todd graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  He is a mentor to the Stanford Business School’s Lean Launchpad and Hacking for Defense programs.

He is married, and both his wife and son are family therapists, so there is always a lot to talk about. Todd enjoys fishing, Spinning, and Rock and Roll.



Engineering Management, Hardware Design, Marketing, Product Design, Product Management, Software Design, and Technology


San Francisco and Silicon Valley


CPO: Chief Product Officer, CTO: Chief Technology Officer, Digital Health, Executive Coach, Product Manager, and VP Engineering


Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, CPG, IOT, Nonprofit, Retail, SaaS, Software, and Virtual Reality


Communicator, Design Thinker, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Mentor, and Speaker