Warren Dodge

Warren Dodge


Serial Start-up Sales Executive

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Warren Dodge is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and senior executive with more than 30 years of success in healthcare services, IT, software, pharmaceutical distribution, and group purchasing. He has a proven record of developing products, sales and marketing strategies, negotiating strategic partnerships, and positioning companies for acquisition to ensure positive returns for shareholders. He leverages extensive industry experience to assist early-stage companies to develop and execute strategies for accelerating revenue and growth while increasing customer satisfaction. His areas of expertise include process and sales management, marketing, M&A, business development, and EMR.

Prior to joining Advantary, Warren served as interim Vice President of Sales and Operations with Insight Engines. He was recruited to this early stage, venture-funded startup in January of 2017 to build the sales and ops team from scratch and to support both short- and long-term business strategies.

Warren concurrently served as Principal with Creekside Healthcare Consultants, his private consulting practice focused on providing organizations with unique ideas and strategies for accelerating revenue growth. He leverages considerable experience in sales and marketing to assist organizations to exceed their business objectives. He has had to opportunity to work with numerous high-profile clients, some of which include OBR, SayAh, First National Capital Corp, and RB Consulting.

Prior to opening his consulting company, Warren was tenured as President of Oncology Metrics. He personally acquired this company and led its growth for three years, ultimately doubling revenue while overseeing the development of multiple popular data products for the pharmaceutical industry. In 2010, he led the sale of the company to Altos Solutions, where he retained his position and took on additional responsibilities for two years before founding Creekside Healthcare Consultants. With his expanded responsibilities at Altos, he led sales and marketing efforts during the company’s transition from a reseller to a direct sales model, and he was able to triple the number of physician users from 300 to 1000. Altos was acquired by Flatiron for $100M.

Before he acquired Oncology Metrics, Warren served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at National Oncology Alliance, a rapidly growing oncology group purchasing organization. He grew the business to $1B in contract sales, which established the company as the 2nd largest in the market. National Oncology Alliance was acquired by Broadlane, then re-acquired by management and subsequently sold to McKesson.

In 2001, Warren served as the Executive Vice President of Documedics, and his primary objective was to make the company more attractive for acquisition. He managed to do this in less than one-year by driving new business development and sales, to achieve a fast growth rate in order to attract qualified buyers.  Documedics was acquired by a private equity firm and subsequently sold to Amerisource Bergen.

Between 1999 and 2001, Warren held multiple executive roles with two pioneering electronic subscription companies. As the Senior Vice President of iScribe, he built a national network of 6,000+ users and positioned the company’s sale to AdvancedMD. As the first executive alongside the Founder of ePhysician, he led early product design process and developed sales and marketing strategies.

Earlier in his career, Warren served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oncology Therapeutics Network, a venture-backed startup that grew at an extraordinary rate to become the dominant specialty drug distribution business for that period. As the company’s 3rd employee, Warren was charged with building the sales team, and played a key role in leading the company to be recognized by Inc. magazine as the 4th fastest growing company, 1994 and the 237th in 1995. Oncology Therapeutics Network was acquired by Bristol Myers Squibb.

Warren started building the foundation for his executive career as Direct Marketing Development Manager at Covalent Systems. He built a small inside sales team to facilitate database marketing. After a successful tenure, he was promoted to turn around the Technical Customer Service Department. Once taking over the department, he increased the customer satisfaction rate and reduced employee turnover.

In addition to his executive career, Warren is a board member of Plushy Feely Corp and was previously on the board of Navitas Cancer Services.  Throughout his career, he has been engaged in numerous consulting appointments with companies including First National Capital Corp, Oncology Business Review, SayAh, National Renal Administrators Association, Verastem and Tinga Technologies. Warren is also a co-founder of the Cancer Center Business Summit.

Warren Dodge obtained his degree from Mt. San Antonio College.


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