We know that amid the COVID-19 crisis, many companies have been forced to shift their priorities from growth to sheer survival. And the speed of this change has been both breathtaking and bewildering.

Rapid dislocation has hit most small and medium sized companies especially hard. Why? Partly because their cash reserves aren’t enough to absorb such an abrupt revenue decline. Plus, it’s likely that the CEOs and executives of today’s young companies have never faced a crisis of this magnitude.

Advantary’s 30+ partners are experienced entrepreneurs across the C-suite who have managed through the crises of 2008 and 2001, at a minimum. We’re ideally suited to help your company today.

Businesses must take swift and proactive measures to protect their teams, customers and vendors. To enable this, we’ve adapted our Advantary Go™ program to make a low-cost and instant bundle of services with customized access to our entire partnership.

Rapid Redeployment (“Going proactive”)

Every customer is going dark for some time. What do you do? We will work with senior teams to reassess real-time company priorities and identify productive work redeployment opportunities.

Setting Up and Running a Virtual War Room

We’ll show your leadership how to create detailed action plans, deploy them and track them tenaciously. The vigorous pursuit of a game plan shifts the focus from the chaos to the work at hand.

Communication Strategies

We’ll help the CEO and senior team keep everyone on board and informed, create virtual “water coolers” that facilitate open discussion and interaction, and preserve the momentum of the culture and a sense of belonging.

Expense Management

We’ll help executive teams realistically gauge the new revenue picture and prioritize expenses accordingly. We’ll also provide strategies for reducing people costs that don’t necessarily involve layoffs.

CEO Mentoring

Being CEO is a lonely job… and has just gotten lonelier. We’ll bring calm and a fresh, outside perspective to CEOs and their rattled teams. We’ll also prevent drastic measures and hair-trigger decisions.

Managing Remote Teams

Overnight, work groups have become dispersed, isolated and stressed. We all know about the tools available for meeting and collaborating virtually. We’ll enable strategies for making them work.

Advantary Go is an introductory offering that provides our clients with 10 hours of Advantary partner time per month, using any combination of our 30+ partners.

Contact us at info@Advantary.co to discuss how your company can put our experience to work.