IndustryTransaction ValueNotes
Non-Profit$1,000,000Non-profit fundraise
Fintech$6,000,000Series Seed and Series A fundraise
Consumer Spirits$27,000,000Private Equity operating company equity and transaction raise
Telecom$4,500,000Series Seed and Series A fundraise
Technology$35,000,000Multiple small cap equity transactions
Automated Retail$2,800,000Series A venture raise
Software$65,000,000Multiple M&A transactions
Software$8,500,000Multiple M&A transactions
Software$4,200,000Series A raise and company sale
Semiconductor$15,000,0003 rounds. Investment banks, a Family Office based in Florida, a major Semiconductor Corp (now acquired), and a major Semiconductor Corp (one of few remaining independent)
Energy$11,000,000Seed & Series A from a Silicon Valley VC and an Israeli VC
Renewables$9,000,000$4M Silicon Valley venture capital, corporate VC, and European VC fund$5M Silicon Valley venture capital and SBPIR
Renewables$7,000,0002 rounds from two major Silicon Valley VCs
Energy$8,000,0002 rounds. $3M from a large angel and corporate investor. $5M termsheet in process
Energy$20,000,000Corporate Investment. Now assisting in a $100M raise – possibly through a SPAC
3D Printing$4,000,000Sale to a Chinese customer

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