The Advantary Services Group (ASG) provides bespoke advisory and capital services to select non-portfolio clients. Our team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and professionals drive results in revenue, growth, and capital.

Customers you’ve already won are the fastest way to drive future growth. Boost customer lifetime value, decrease churn, win more with referrals and helpful feedback.

Advantary’s Customer Connection practice helps you double down on what’s working and highlights white space to take over as you grow. Experts help you design and implement game-changing customer communications, creative programs, and a customer-listening culture.  Read more

Digital Disruption

Digital innovations centered around advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT, are rapidly changing the competitive environment in every industry. Advantary’s Digital Disruption team helps companies redefine their industry with a “digital-first” strategy, build the capabilities and team required to execute, and deliver outsized growth and sustainability to companies who adapt.  Read more

Executive Capital

Optimize your team's performance with Advantary's full suite of Executive Capital services delivered by an outstanding veteran team of 30 recruiters, researchers, and HR advisors.  Read more


Capital is the sun, soil, and water fueling the growth for many companies, but fundraising is hard, time consuming, distracting, and – let’s be honest – not fun. We work to raise up to ~$100M of debt and equity across many sectors, including software/SaaS, IoT, renewables, manufacturing, retail, and more.  Read more


All aspects of a company are critical to foster and generate growth - sales and marketing, of course, but also strategy, operations, finance, and much more. Advantary's team has extensive experience with proven processes and methodologies to help you unlock and manage the growth in your company.  Read more