Innovation happens everywhere around the globe. Often the US is the most lucrative market for capitalizing on innovative ideas, but companies outside the US can find it challenging to enter and succeed in the United States.

Advantary Growth Partners (“AGP”), a new service from Advantary LLC, works with companies seeking growth through US expansion and strategic relationships. We provide a unique model of working with you to take advantage of the US market while reducing risk and lowering costs.

AGP Model

AGP helps you by:

  • Developing the right strategy for the US market
  • Setting up a US operating company to license the technology
  • Raising capital for the US operating company
  • Executing the business plan with a seasoned team expert in the US business culture
  • Generating royalty revenue for the non-US company

If you’re a non-US-based innovator looking to enter the US market, contact us today and find out how the Advantary Growth Partners service can accelerate your success.