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Intended For

Senior Leaders of Early/Growth/Expansion Stage companies, up to ~$50M in revenues.


Advantary Strategic Planning Assessment™ (ASPA™) is a one-day, intensive, highly interactive workshop for CEOs, founders, and their executive teams. ASPA examines up to 15 core facets of your business–the Advantary Core Elements™–spanning all major functional areas of your business, including operations, engineering/technology, marketing, sales, product, and more. After the current state of the business is clearly understood, we can provide recommendations for growth, expansion, and ways to increase revenue and profits. You can customize your ASPA by choosing to emphasize and go deeper into specific elements.

The greater commitment and honesty you bring to ASPA, the better your results.


You will experience ASPA in three phases:

Prework. Your work begins after you receive workshop materials and questionnaires related to the Advantary Core Elements™. In this phase, these critical elements will be brought into focus. You will be compelled to articulate and challenge your own assumptions and underlying beliefs. You should expect to spend four to eight hours for the prework.

Live Workshop. The centerpiece of ASPA is a one-day (6-hour) workshop with two working sessions (morning and afternoon) conducted via video conference (or in-person at additional cost) and includes at least two Advantary partners, specifically selected for your needs. To benefit from the workshop, you should expect to devote an entire working day.

Analysis and Recommendations. Within five business days following the workshop, Advantary will prepare and present its summary findings, including a written assessment of current status, strengths and vulnerabilities, and specific recommendations for moving your business forward to the next level. This analysis is unique to your company, your current status, and current market conditions.


ASPA pricing begins at $4,500 for a one-day workshop. Contact us to discuss multi-day workshops, in-person workshops, and ASPA Intensives™, which are deep, comprehensive explorations of specific elements of critical importance to you.

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