Advantary C-Suite
Advantary C-Suite ™ is our on-demand, experienced CxO team that can rapidly build and grow a new business or help a company in transition.

Intended For

Founders, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Boards of both startups and companies in transition.


Advantary C-Suite is our on-demand, experienced, and collaborative CxO team (CEO, COO, CSO, CTO, CMO, CRO) that founders can engage to rapidly build and grow a new enterprise – or step in to help a company in transition. Rather than the slow, risky and time-consuming traditional approach of recruiting executives one-by-one, C-Suite allows founders to spin up – and down – executive resources as needed, paying for only what is required.

Risks of the Traditional Recruiting Approach

Bootstrapping a company and/or slowly recruiting an exec team creates many substantial costs and existential risks that are easy to recognize:

  • Recruiting risk. Finding a fundable – experienced and cohesive – team is hard and slow. It decreases attention on execution and delays what’s essential – investment and launch.
  • Investment risk. Investment is rare and difficult without a team in place.
  • Launch delays. A delayed launch creates risk with current investors and makes future investment very challenging.
  • Competitive risk. Delays decrease your options and open windows of opportunities for competitors.
  • Opportunity costs. Time spent on recruiting and fundraising decreases the opportunities you can pursue and increases the risk of failure.
  • Market share cost. Delays in fundraising and execution decrease potential market share.
  • Execution risk. All of these increase the likelihood that the enterprise won’t succeed.
  • Equity risk. All of the preceding puts real downward pressure on enterprise valuation.

All of these factors delay and degrade focus, fundraising, and launch, putting the entire enterprise at risk. Founders often spend 30% of their first year recruiting the team, underscoring all of the costs and risks noted above.

A Winning Solution

Engaging Advantary C-Suite – with all of our team’s resources, experience, and contacts – in a long-term and collaborative engagement gets your new company through ideation, strategy, fundraising, operations, engineering, finance, development, marketing, sales, and business development. And as your company grows and succeeds, the Advantary team can transition out in a phased approach to bring in the permanent management team who are an ideal fit for the company’s long-term needs.

It’s a winning solution – an entrepreneur’s vision plus a successful team of entrepreneurs who have seen it, done it, and made it happen. A team who have known each other for decades, have worked together at multiple startups, and who can read each other’s minds and finish each other’s sentences. A team that an investor dreams of having, because investors invest in teams first, ideas second.

By leveraging our experience and success, you will:

  • increase the speed and improve the terms of financing
  • minimize the time spent recruiting and managing a newly-formed team
  • minimize the time to market
  • maximize the chances of success

And at a clear advantage in cost/benefit.

Advantary C-Suite is a disruptive new model for entrepreneurs, many of whom have significant ideas but who lack startup experience, or the breadth of skills or of contacts to create a winning team and company.

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