3-Minute Case Study: Toustone — Capital and International Growth

Toustone, an Australian business intelligence (BI) company, approached us earlier this year to help them enter the US market. We like the BI space and were impressed with Toustone. Why? Toustone has proven technology, market, customers, and excellent recurring revenue from 900+ users and growing. In addition, they have a strategic partnership with Yellowfin, a[…]

The Real Cost of Building a Startup Team

Company founders face a sour challenge: How do I build my startup team without neglecting my primary job of running the business? To be sure, attracting top talent is a critical endeavor for your company. In the era of the knowledge worker, human capital is arguably a company’s most prized resource to achieve long-term success. But[…]

C-Suite as a Service – A New Model for Entrepreneurs

A businessman/inventor — I’ll call him Ray — recently approached me on LinkedIn, out of the blue, with an idea. A great idea. He had serious domain expertise from decades of operating experience and knew his space cold. He even had some IP in the form of patents. But, Ray didn’t have experienced startup entrepreneurs to[…]