Legal Audit: What is it? Why Should We Have One Done?

The Entrepreneurial Dilemma Imagine your startup on the verge of breaking through, just needing another round of capital infusion to make it over the top. Your product is top notch, well reviewed, and fills a market niche. Your marketing is set and is already producing sales. Visions of an IPO swirl amongst the founders and[…]

The Real Cost of Building a Startup Team

Company founders face a sour challenge: How do I build my startup team without neglecting my primary job of running the business? To be sure, attracting top talent is a critical endeavor for your company. In the era of the knowledge worker, human capital is arguably a company’s most prized resource to achieve long-term success. But[…]

Listen Carefully: How One Startup Found its $9 Billion Idea

The co-founders of one of the companies I helped build launched their firm in an unusual way. They were both software engineers at a respected firm and decided to make the leap into the world of startups. They left their jobs with only the notion that their new company would offer some type of Internet product[…]

C-Suite as a Service – A New Model for Entrepreneurs

A businessman/inventor — I’ll call him Ray — recently approached me on LinkedIn, out of the blue, with an idea. A great idea. He had serious domain expertise from decades of operating experience and knew his space cold. He even had some IP in the form of patents. But, Ray didn’t have experienced startup entrepreneurs to[…]