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Melissa Griffiths


Melissa Griffiths is an experienced business executive with 30+ years of experience assisting public, private, nonprofit, start-up companies, and partnerships grow and achieve their revenue objectives.

Integrating deep business development experience, Melissa ensures that she makes an immediate impact in the lives of her clients and brings bottom line growth. Her focus is on educating the next generation of leaders on how a balanced and coherent mind, heart, and emotions can positively impact the growth of a business. Her practice is steeped in scientifically proven tools and techniques to bring positive changes in leadership development, self-awareness, team health, and energy levels.

Melissa developed the concept of “IQ to EQ to HQ”, where HQ is heart intelligence. Heart intelligence builds companies that value stronger relationships, build trust, and are people centered. By leveraging the collective power of employees, fostering innovation, problem-solving, and the ability to adapt to change, companies improve financial performance, retention rates, and ultimately increase enterprise value.

Melissa holds an MBA (Foundation Level) from Manchester Business School in England, a Master’s degree in Marketing Management from Manchester University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Classical History & Philosophy from Swansea University. In addition, she is a Certified Practitioner with the HeartMath® Institute, the Emotional Health Institute, PSYCH-K®, and the International BodyTalk™ Association. She is also a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.


Bottom line impact, bringing people and teams together, business development, coaching,



San Francisco / Silicon Valley / Bend, Oregon






Growth, development, teambuilder, mindfulness

Melissa Griffiths
  • Heart-based leadership

  • Business Executive Coach

  • Team-builder

  • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional

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