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Michael Hess


Michael helps start-up and fast-growth companies quickly grow revenues by teaching time-tested selling and management practices. He understands the complexities behind creating successful sales methods, habits, and culture, which includes a deep knowledge of sellers and their support needs.

Michael’s 20 years in senior and start-up B2B sales management roles earned a broad range of skills that he has recently utilized to help clients ranging from $5mm start-ups to Criteo, Google, Outbrain, and Tremor Video. Because Michael has managed and led sales operations at a broad range of revenue stages and through numerous economic cycles, he offers deep and specific knowledge about all facets of ramping and growing business. Michael co-founded and built one of the media industry’s first sales networks in 1995 (WebRep/2CAN Media) and successfully sold it after 3 years for a 15x return. One of Michael’s prized career achievements was launching and growing the revenue operations for VideoEgg/SAY Media from $0 to a $100 million run rate in three years.

When not working, Michael plays fetch with his Vizslas and yells at golf balls rocketing far to the right…both hobbies instill the same type of patience and stamina required of revenue building advisory work.


Communications, Management, Sales, and Sales Management


New York and Silicon Valley


CRO: Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Coach




Communicator, Mentor, Risk Taker, Speaker, and Writer

Michael Hess

Sales Management Executive

  • CRO

  • Sales Management

  • Sales Training

  • Sales Performance Management

  • Sales Operations

  • Recruiting/On-boarding

  • Messaging/Communications

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