Advantary is a fit for many early- and middle-market companies that simply need additional experience and execution bandwidth in operational leadership positions.

Beyond that, here are just a few representative situations where we can be an effective solution.

  1. You want to expand from your home market into the US
  2. Sales are stagnated or below investor expectations
  3. You are looking for its next major growth opportunity
Market & Strategy
  1. Your corporate or product strategy is less than clear or is suboptimal
  2. You have problems with product-market fit or market adoption
Funding / Capital / M&A
  1. You are preparing for debt or equity (fundraise or M&A)
  2. You need help with strategy, financial modeling, the pitch deck – and the pitch itself
  3. You are looking to expand your reach to investors and lenders
  4. You want to ensure optimal team integration post-acquisition
  1. The CEO needs additional bandwidth and support
  2. There are open positions in your management team
  3. You need only a part-time or fractional CxO
  4. You are having trouble recruiting a CxO in this competitive talent market
  5. Your management team has communication or trust issues
  6. Your management team isn’t hitting milestones or meeting shareholder expectations
Technology & Engineering 
  1. Your engineering team has problems releasing quality products on schedule
  2. You need guidance and expertise on key architecture design
  3. Your company lacks a coherent IP strategy