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Advantary Capital Now Making Early Stage Venture Investments



Advantary LLC

Advantary Capital Partners

February 1, 2024

Advantary Capital Partners Expands Investment Mandate to Pre-Seed and Seed Investments

Advantary Capital Partners now serving the underfunded early-stage market

SAN FRANCISCO, February 1, 2024-- Advantary Capital Partner (ACP), a division of Advantary, LLC, a private equity investor and provider of bespoke advisory services to select non-portfolio clients, announced today that it is expanding its investment profile beyond later-stage and buyout opportunities to include early-stage venture investments across a broad range of sectors.

Advantary Capital Partners invests through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), unlike typical venture funds. An SPV is essentially an investment fund focused on just single company with ACP’s investors who are aligned with that company and their mission. An overview of ACP’s investment model is available here

“We believe the SPV model offers advantages over the typical VC structure,” said Stephen Kuhn, Managing Partner and member of ACP’s Investment Committee. “For example, our SPV model means that we’re focused on making sure each of our investments succeed because it's the only one in that fund.”

Advantary Capital Partners works diligently on behalf of our portfolio companies to bring forth investors that can materially help the company. Himanshu Choksi, an experienced venture capital investor and member of Advantary's Investment Committee, said this matching of companies and LPs is another advantage over typical venture investment structures. "For example, the SPV model enables better matching of startups seeking funding and aligning their needs with those of the investors — tangibly benefiting both the companies as well as investors."

“We has been seeing a lot of terrific early-stage companies that we have avoided because our mandate and focus has been on later-stage opportunities,” said Angel Orrantia, another Partner and Investment Committee member. “We and our investor base want to address this market need.”

Bala Padmakumar, who also serves on the Investment Committee, added “Another key differentiator and value-add for our portfolio companies is Advantary’s amazing bench of operating partners. Our team’s experience, expertise, and success goes far beyond those of most early-stage VCs.”

Companies are encouraged to share their company profile with the ACP Investment Committee at

About Advantary Capital Partners and Advantary Services Group

Advantary Capital Partners (ACP) invests in early-stage, growth-stage, traditional buyouts, management buyouts and rollups where the firm believes its expertise can drive transformation that unlocks the potential of great companies. ACP is committed to a long-term investment approach. Advantary Services Group (ASG) is ACP’s team of extraordinary operating partners and advisors who have deep operating, execution, turnaround and investment experience, leveraging these skills for its portfolio and select non-portfolio companies.


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Director of Marketing

Advantary LLC

Advantary Capital Now Making Early Stage Venture Investments


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