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Raj Daniels


For over two decades, Raj Daniels has been a trusted advisor, guide, and mentor to individuals striving to elevate their performance in both business and personal endeavors. He empowers executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners to achieve clarity and focus, setting them on a path to achieve their goals with intention.

Raj's work in strategic advisory leverages his business development acumen to identify and establish key partnerships that drive growth and expand solutions within existing client bases.  Most recently, he has become a leader in ESG strategy, advising small and mid-sized firms on incorporating sustainable practices for long-term viability.

Raj's unique blend of experience as an advisor, founder, and investor allows him to see the bigger picture. He understands the challenges inherent in navigating the path to success and possesses the strategic thinking and foresight to help leaders identify the areas demanding their focus.

Highly regarded for his entrepreneurial instincts, Raj's experience spans various industries, allowing him to share best practices and insights applicable to a company's specific needs. As a self-described "expert generalist," Raj excels at connecting the dots across disciplines, crafting tailored solutions to unique situations.

Raj's collaborative approach ensures not just working on your business, but working alongside a trusted partner dedicated to your success.


Strategy Development, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, ESG


Dallas, Texas


CEO, Strategic Adviser, Executive Coach


Listening, learning, mentoring, envisioning, innovating, collaborating, relationship building

Raj Daniels

Leader in ESG Strategy

  • Business & Strategy Development

  • "Expert Generalist"

  • Executive Coach

  • Mentor

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