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Scott Harrington


Scott Harrington co-leads our investment strategy and support with technology enabled services businesses. He has 20+ years of experience leading transformations in private and public sector and draws on his experience leading and growing financial technology companies along with transforming larger services organizations across banking, insurance, and human capital services.

Scott has previously held leadership roles and senior client advisory positions in the US Army, McKinsey & Co, and Bridgewater. He’s led rapid operational scaling at several early-stage financial technology companies as well as greenfield initiatives within larger companies.

Outside of work, Scott can usually be found cycling in the hills of Marin where he lives with his wife, two small children, and very large dog. He’s an active volunteer in his local and veteran communities.

Scott currently works with services businesses to improve their customer experience and scaling potential with better digital enablement.

Scott Harrington

Senior Operations and Strategy Executive

Experience and Skillset

Digital Transformation

Agile Transformation

Product Management

Operational Excellence

Customer Experience

Service Operations


Financial Services


HR Services

People Analytics

Human Capital

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