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Shmuel Silverman


Shmuel Silverman brings years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience in Telecommunications, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. Shmuel is an inventor with hundreds of patents, provisionals, and publications. In addition to being a Partner at Advantary, he is also the Founder and CEO of Multi-Innovation, a business strategy and IP portfolio development company. At Multi-Innovation, Shmuel has helped numerous startups and established companies become successful at navigating business and technology strategies and developing and executing a strategic IP portfolio.

He has been working in the technology industry for 35+ years and has seen where technology can go when there is no concern for privacy, security and basic human rights. This drives Shmuel's passion for developing technology for the benefit of humankind and has inspired his new venture, Veracity-Labs which focuses on building an entirely new class of security for both the physical and digital worlds.


Tech Strategy, Business Strategy, IP Strategy, IP Development


US, Europe, Asia. Offices located in the San Francisco Bay Area


CEO, Founder, Inventor, CTO, Fractional CTO and Advisor


Cybersecurity, biotech, semiconductor technology, IoT, robotics, AI/ML, blockchain, material science, metaverse, SaaS, avionics, traffic management, database technology, smart work environments, energy and climate


Innovator, entrepreneur, speaker, inventor, advisor

Shmuel Silverman

Innovator, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Inventor, Advisor

  • Advanced tech & business strategy

  • IP strategy & development

  • Identify and protect your competitive edge

  • IP filing and management

  • Fractional CTO

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