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Todd Farnham


Todd Farnham is the Channel Partner Manager for Advantary where he helps to activate partners, enhance the ecosystem, and grow Advantary. He is a highly adaptive, resourceful, and creative business development strategist/globally minded entrepreneur with a background in helping tech companies land and expand in the US. With a special emphasis on marketing, customer feedback looping, revenue oriented product roadmapping, sales enablement, and partnerships, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and get into the minutia.

He studied International Relations and Global Business, with focuses in International Security and Global Marketing respectively, at the University of Southern California, graduating Cum Laude with Honors in 2014. After graduating, Todd came up to San Francisco and worked a variety of roles in tech and co-founded Zynota, a mobile marketing platform to help small businesses consolidate and initiate all of their client communications and social media onto one platform. 

He then went on to work at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise as a business growth advisor helping Kiwi Tech companies land and expand in the US by strengthening and challenging their business strategies, connecting them to in-market experts, and providing analyses and insights of the evolving tech world from a US perspective. 

Outside of Advantary, he runs his consulting firm, Far West Advisory Group, and is the Co-Founder and Head of Growth at A La Carte Web Services. Outside of work Todd enjoys comedy, concerts, literature, books, traveling, and spending time with his friends and family. 



Business Development, GTM Strategy, Product Management, Operations, Partnerships, and Marketing




Technology, Non profit, Start ups


Communicator, Community Manager, and Strategist

Todd Farnham

Business Development

  • GTM Strategy

  • Products/Operations Management

  • Technology/Non-Profits/Startups

  • Community Manager/Strategist

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