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Deal Flow Management™

Managing the full lifecycle of equity investment deal flow can be daunting for family offices, multifamily offices, and individual investors.


Advantary Deal Flow Management™ gives high net worth investors, family offices, multifamily offices, and others access to our back office processes for sourcing, screening diligencing, transacting, managing, and exiting investments.

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Deal Flow Management as a Service™

Advantary Deal Flow Management (DFM) services provide investors a range of services that many cannot or do not want to perform themselves due to lack of domain expertise, bandwidth, timing issues, or scale.  This limits the range and number of opportunities they can invest in.

Advantary DFM delivers compelling valuable advantages, including:

  • Streamlined deal flow sourcing and screening 

  • Professional third-party due diligence

  • Deal syndication

  • Access to proprietary deal flow

Advantary DFM is available on an annual subscription basis, with individual deal fees that are bespoke to each deal.  Contact for discuss your specific needs.

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