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Deal Flow Management

Managing the full lifecycle of equity investment deal flow can be daunting for family offices, multifamily offices, and individual investors. Advantary Deal Flow Management™ (DFM) streamlines the process from sourcing to exit.

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Better, faster.

Advantary Deal Flow Management is founded on our experience managing our own venture and private equity deal flow at Advantary Capital Partners. We now offer the same deal flow management services to select clients, covering these key phases of the investment lifecycle.

Protect your time and extend your reach to new investment opportunities by leveraging Advantary Deal Flow Management (DFM) services. 

Move ahead.


Advantary has access to proprietary and exclusive deal flow from around the world. Our Deal Flow Management (DFM) division makes these deals accessible to DFM clients.

With over 500 cumulative years of building relationships, Advantary’s partners have deep and broad relationships with hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, investment bankers, and company advisors. Our proprietary deal flow extends across six continents and virtually every industry sector.

Due Diligence

Advantary has developed an efficient and effective process for performing due diligence on prospective investments. Our clients can tap into our broad industry experience and expertise to vet prospective investment opportunities.

Most investments involve multiple investors, so deal syndication is essential for successfully closing transactions. Advantary, using our personal and professional relationships, our proprietary AI-based process, and often in combination with our strategic partners, can identify likely investors globally to round out the investment syndicate.

Portfolio Management
Equity investments need managing, but often investors prefer to have an intermediary handle investor relations (IR), reporting, management relations, tax and regulatory filing, and other functions. Advantary Deal Flow Management handles all of these functions.

Exit / M&A
When it comes time for a liquidity event, Advantary Deal Flow Management fields a team of Advantary partners, strategic partners, and service providers to manage the process. Our relationships with leading law, accounting, tax, audit, employment, and other firms help expedite the M&A process and maximize value to our clients.


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