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Growth Capital

Advantary Capital Partners invests growth capital in companies that have achieved a track record of revenues, market traction, and cash flow.

Growth stage companies are the expression of great market-leading companies in the making. In addition to capital and our operational and board expertise, Advantary brings to our portfolio companies critical strategic relationships that fuel true growth.

Image by Harry Cunningham

Foundations of Great Companies

Advantary Capital Partners looks to invest $15-250M in growth-stage companies across a broad range of industry sectors. We prefer to lead, but are happy to consider working with a lead investor. 


We prefer companies which have a strong selection of the following characteristics:

  • EBITDA $2-5M+

  • 20%+ YoY top line revenue growth

  • True recurring revenue (preferably not merely subscription revenue)

  • Strong intellectual property (patented or patentable)

  • Great management team​

  • Management buyouts and succession issues

  • Primed for international expansion

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