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AI / Digital Disruption

Every company CEO knows that AI is fundamentally changing their business. But few know whether suc changes will be for the better or worse.

We deliver much more than technology. Our gobal team led by Tim Kapp bas been delivering strategic insights and AI advisory for over ten years, matched by few others.

Be the Disruptor, Not the Disrupted


From streaming media platforms to call centers and, pharmaceuticals to SaaS companies, Advantary’s Digital Disruption team is helping companies redefine their industry with a “digital-first” strategy, deliver the capabilities and team required to execute at speed, and demonstrate rapid results to owners and investors at lower overall cost.

With over 15 years in the space, our team has had its finger on the pulse. Our lead Partner, Tim has helped numerous companies modernize their business practices to succeed in today's business world changing at unprecedented speeds.

Image by Soliman Cifuentes

Catch the wave

AI is all around us, integrating into our companies and even into our daily lives. Let us advise on how to stay at the cutting edge of the trend and modernize your business to succeed in this new era.

In addition to being a Partner ad Practice Lead at Tim Kapp is an adjunct professor in Operations and Information Systems at the University of Utah where he teaches AI. He is a recognized expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics, and Digital Disruption, and site on the National Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence ISAO. Tim is the founder of, a company that partners with industry-focused businesses to develop and launch AI-driven innovations across various sectors including pharmaceutical, telecom, entertainment, energy, and finance.

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