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Intellectual Property

Advantary helps companies identify their Competitive Edge and develop strategic IP portfolios that protect it

Intellectual Property Practice Overview
Advantary serves as trusted advisors to companies, helping them identify their tech strategy and how to use IP to expand their business opportunities. Combining business and technology strategy with deep experience in patent development we focus on protecting your business in light of your competitors.

Competitive Edge Assessment
A Competitive Edge is something you can do that your competitors cannot.  At every growth stage of your  business, understanding and protecting your Competitive Edge is imperative to leverage the market and protect your business from competitors. At a high-level, this assessment includes:


  1. Identifying what truly makes you competitive.

  2. Explore your place in the framework of the next 3-5 years in your industry, and what’s possible for scaling, funding & investing today, to protect your IP and make this future a certainty.

  3. How to protect your Competitive Edge using IP.


At the end of this Assessment, you will have a clear understanding of your Competitive Edge, as well as a detailed report with actionable steps to protect it. This includes a list of key IP areas that you should focus on immediately, to protect your place in the marketplace today and in the future.

Patent Development
The patent development process involves many steps and requires time commitments from the same highly-skilled resources that are producing the inventions. We research technology, invent and develop patent specifications with your team and our lawyers to deliver a high-quality set of patents that supports your business.

We offer services ranging from technical specification development to IP filing. Our comprehensive services include:

- Technical specifications and claims development

- Provisional/Nonprovisional drafting

- Prior art search and analysis

- IP filing and docket management

IP Escrow

An innovative program for investors to keep ownership of the company's IP until a successful exit or valuation round is completed.

Fractional CTO/Advisory

Advisory acts as the right hand to your CTO, working with your engineering team to identify your tech strategy, R&D planning, and implementation. We specifically focus on how your technology competes in the market and help you develop innovative solutions to strengthen your business.

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Shmuel Silverman

  • LinkedIn

Shmuel brings years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience in Telecommunications, IoT, Blockchain, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence. Shmuel is an inventor with hundreds of patents, provisionals, and publications. In addition to being a Partner at Advantary, he is also the Founder and CEO of Multi-Innovation, a business strategy and IP portfolio development company. At Multi-Innovation, Shmuel has helped numerous startups and established companies become successful at navigating business and technology strategies and developing and executing a strategic IP portfolio

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