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Advantary Capital Partners

We are a stage & sector agnostic investment firm. If you are a revenue & traction positive company seeking more than just VC or PE capital, we'd like to talk with you. We're not like typical VC or PE funds. Our differentiated value-add approach using a special purpose vehicle (SPV) model is ideally suited to meet your strategic and financial needs.

Smart Capital Aligns with Young Companies' Needs


Our Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Model




  • Advantary creates a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) unique to your company 

  • Advantary syndicates the investment with investors, including those you bring to the table

  • Investor funds are pooled into the SPV: the single investing entity in your company 

  • Separate from the investment, Advantary's broad and deep bench of operating experts can assist across multiple functions, at your option


  • Advantary Unlike the typical VC model, investors are investing in one company - yours; because they believe in your, your company, your mission, and the market

  • The model simplifies your capital structuer by creating a single entry on your cap table

  • The model simplifies investor relations by providing board representation and investor reporting

  • You have access to the full experience of the Advantary operating partnership, and its network - for fractional and interim services

A bold new approach to smart capital 

Our Investment Process

Smart Capital

We provide access to growth equity, flexible debt, and global investor networks. Our single-source capital minimizes dilution and coordination costs.

Aligned Interests

We invest through Special Purpose Vehicles focused exclusively on one company, tying our success directly to yours.

Proven Operational Excellence

Our team of 20+ experienced operators across tech, healthcare, manufacturing, and other sectors roll up their sleeves to accelerate strategic initiatives in close partnership with management.

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