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About Us

Advantary noun

Ad·​van·​tary, pronounced əd-ˈvan-t(ə-)rē 

  1. : portmanteau of 'advantage' and 'factory' ​

  2. : a collection of highly experienced investors, operators, and entrepreneurs

  3. : your partner for investment and growth


Example of Advantary in a sentence: "Advantary Capital Partners is more than an investment partner, they are a member of our team."

-- Bryan Davis, CEO, Package, Inc.

First known use: 2017 when Advantary, LLC was formed

Image by Joris Beugels

Our Mission

At Advantary, we prioritize relationships above all else.


We believe in creating enduring partnerships with our portfolio companies and clients in order to contribute to their long-term success. We are authentic in our actions and are committed to acting with trust, loyalty, and integrity.


We are constantly innovating and bringing new ideas and approaches in order to drive our portfolio and clients’ innovation and growth. We recognize the impact our company has on society and the environment, and take a proactive role in promoting positive change.


We demand excellence from ourselves and strive to deliver the best possible outcome for our portfolio companies and clients.


Above all, we believe that you are the hero of your journey.  It's our duty to serve your to the best of our abilities.

Our Values


We create enduring partnerships for your long-term success.


We are committed to act with trust loyalty, and integrity. 


We bring you new ideas and approaches, helping to dive your innovation and growth. 

Social responsibility

We recognize the impact. Our company has on society in the environment, taking a proactive role in promoting a positive change.


We demand the most from ourselves to deliver the best possible outcome for you. 


You are the hero of your journey, not us!

Image by Zdeněk Macháček
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