Advantary Services Group Announces Partnership and Executive Capital Services


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July 14, 2022

Advantary Services Group Announces Partnership and Executive Capital Services

Boardwise and Dr. Donna Hamlin to provide services on governance, diversity, and innovation.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA July xx, 2022. Advantary Services Group (ASG), a division of Advantary LLC, a private equity investor and provider of bespoke advisory services to select non-portfolio clients, is pleased to announce that Dr. Donna Hamlin, CEO of Boardwise, has joined as a Partner to provide services within Advantary’s new Board Governance practice.

Recognizing the surge in the need for these services, ASG launched its Board Governance practice to work with CEOs and boards of directors to optimize board and corporate performance. Advantary’s clients now have access to critical governance services including certification, advisory, recruiting, and more.

Advantary now provides the full suite of Boardwise services under the direction of Dr. Donna Hamlin, CEO of Boardwise. Dr. Hamlin is a board director, CEO, and operating advisor with deep global experience in fintech, technology, software industries, and professional services. Her focus is on companies leading innovation. Her expertise includes strategy, business transformation, management, and M&A. Her global governance experience includes work in Europe, Asia, and North America. She has a special interest in preparing for IPO transitions.

Dr. Hamlin is certified for global board governance by Harvard University and NACD for public and private board directorship. Recognized for her ability to maximize board effectiveness, her uniter style contributes to high-quality ideation and meaningful debate. She leads research and education on governance best practices as the founder of Boardwise, Inc.

“Research shows companies that invest in excellence governance early on outperform those who wait. Access to capital, talent, and customer growth rely on it. I am excited to join Advantary’s team with the shared goal to provide the guidance, support, and expertise our team brings on all governance needs to ensure long-term success.”

“Dr. Hamlin is a globally recognized leader in board governance, bringing decades of experience with both public and private companies,” said Stephen Kuhn, CEO of Advantary. “We are extremely fortunate to have Donna as a partner at Advantary.”

Donna joins a team of 25 experienced partners, advisors, and consultants for ASG. Besides the new Board Governance practice, ASG practice areas include Digital Disruption, Growth, Finance, Executive Capital, and Customer Connection. These services provide operational and strategic support to Advantary Capital Partners, Advantary’s private equity firm focused on traditional buyouts, management buyouts, and rollups.

About Boardwise

Boardwise provides companies and executives with the highest quality solutions, tools, education, research, late-breaking news, and advisory support in corporate governance available for governance needs around the globe. We work with all forms of companies and organizations, including private and public corporations and associations, non-profit organizations, and executives and teams with a passion for better governance practices. Services include independent board evaluations, research on best practices, assessment and certification for board directors, placement of qualified directors, pre-IPO preparation, and advisory support for the C-suite and boards for collaborative success. We offer advanced resources to help with any governance challenges you may face to ensure the highest level of governance service and support in the world!

About Advantary Capital Partners and Advantary Services Group

Advantary Capital Partners (ACP) invests in traditional buyouts, management buyouts, and rollups where the firm believes its expertise can drive transformation that unlocks the potential of great companies. ACP is committed to a long-term investment approach. Advantary Services Group (ASG) is ACP’s team of extraordinary operating partners and advisors who have deep operating, execution, turnaround, and investment experience, and leverages these skills for its portfolio and for select non-portfolio companies.


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