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Alex Lao


Alex Lau is a data analyst and assists with CRM and marketing efforts. With his passion in data analytics, Alex strives to use his knowledge to identify trends and maximize the efficiencies of our internal processes.

Alex transitioned into data analytics in 2019 by diving into a 6 month bootcamp at UC Berkeley Extension. . He is currently a Data Collections Specialist at Stanford Engineering Libraries. Alex intends to pursue his Masters in Data Analytics at San Jose State starting in 2023.

Alex graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Exercise Biology, and received his Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from San Jose State. Over 8 years, he has served at least 9000 hours of personal and group training. He specializes in strength, mobility, and performance-based training. Alex served as an SME to create a new NCCA Accredited Certified Personal Trainer Exam for PTA Global. Alex enjoys food, training, beer, and skateboarding.

Experience and Skillset

Data Analytics

Data Visualization


Diving into data to reveal trends and visualizations.


Silicon Valley


Data Specialist/Analyst



Alex Lao

Data Specialist

  • Data Cleaning & Manipulation

  • Data Visualization

  • ETL

  • Dashboards and Reporting

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