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Bala Padmakumar


Bala Padmakumar is a materials technologist and serial entrepreneur who has been the CEO of Amperics Inc, a high-performance energy storage play that originated at UCLA, since 2011. In that time, Amperics has transitioned from proof-of-concept to full characterized products that are scaling into volume production and revenue. Concurrently, from 2016 to 2019 Bala was an advisor to the Chairman of the ASTI Group based in Singapore focused on transitioning a legacy backend semiconductor testing group into new businesses in energy and transport. He was also an advisor to the Board of a data center company where he assisted with new technologies, business models in edge computing and capital raising. Apart from being in founding and senior management roles over the course of his career, Bala was also a venture partner at XSeed Capital. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Stanford.

Bala enjoys working with technical teams to develop products from concept through customer readiness and to raise capital from a variety of sources to scale organizations to success. Over the years he has become skillful in developing and closing strategic relationships which are agnostic to the underlying technology or business. He has extensive experience in both US and international markets.


Biz Dev, Capital Raising, Change Management, Contract Negotiation, Corporate Finance, Customer Relations, Debt, Design, Due Diligence, Engineering Management, Equity, Finance, Hardware Design, IP/Patent Strategy, Licensing, Management, Marketing, Operations, Partnerships, Product Design, and Product Management




CMO: Chief Marketing Officer, COO: Chief Operating Officer, CPO: Chief Product Officer, CRO: Chief Revenue Officer, CSO: Chief Strategy Officer, CTO: Chief Technology Officer, Product Manager, Software Architect, VP Engineering, VP Marketing, and VP Sales


Biotech, Consulting, IOT, Legal, Marketing Technology, Materials, Nonprofit, Renewable Engergy, Venture, and Virtual Reality


Communicator, Design Thinker, Entrepreneur, Experimenter, Innovator, Investor, Risk Taker, Speaker, and Writer

Bala Padmakumar

Materials Technologist

  • Strategic/Corporate Relationships &. Biz. Dev

  • Product & IP Development & Roadmaps

  • Materials Technology – Cleantech, Semiconductors, Nanotech, IoT

  • Board Member, Advisor, Mentor

  • Capital Raised

  • Interim Operational Roles

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