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Joseph Panetta


An Air-Force brat, Joseph was born in Panama’s Canal Zone and was bilingual from birth.  Moving to Mississippi offered him an experiential understanding of America: how they think, feel, shop.  Educated in Stockholm and Paris, as his language skills grew so did his world view, particularly his understanding of the female consumer.  Raised by a woman, his experience was always through the female lens.

The combination of language skills and female influence served as a springboard for communications and marketing where he’s spent the bulk of his career.  At every juncture, through NYC marketing agencies to global positions in China, London and Geneva, Joseph’s innate story-telling ability (he is Southern, after all) combined with a deep understanding of cultural and linguistic drivers, shaped brand campaigns and led to retail breakthroughs, sell-outs and more.

At the forefront of GenX, Joseph straddles Boomers and millennials and spotted a growing trend: thanks to technology, the 21st Century consumer seeks to “belong”.  They seek products that not only answer problems or provide a service, but brands that connect them to a community. Connecting brands to personal experiences serves as the premise for Left of Center Consulting (LOCC) where ideas are less tried, but no less true.  If Joseph has a superpower, it would be his ability to synthesize large amounts of data and quickly catalyze it into a soundbyte. 

After 30 years in New York, London and Paris, Joseph lives in LA (but still feels like a New Yorker).


Brand Development; Brand Strategy; Marketing Communications; Revitalizing Dormant Brands; Connecting marketing with sales; team building



Los Angeles, New York



Chief Marketing Officer (marketing lead); Strategist-Activist; Brand Ambassador/spokesperson



CPG/FMCG; SaaS & PaaS technology; Legal and Med Tech;



Unconventional creative approaches; Reverse-engineers success; Outside-in thinker; Absorbs mass amounts of data and quickly distills into powerful soundbites

Joseph Panetta

Brand Strategist

  • CMO

  • Strategist-Activist

  • Brand Ambassador/Spokesperson

  • SaaS & PaaS Tech

  • Legal & Medical Tech

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